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Friday, December 18, 2009


I am SO glad this week is just about over. It's been worse than usual, and I didn't have any holiday shopping I was trying to cram into it either! I mentioned that this past weekend was the first baking I've done this month. I had intended to spread the rest out over the evenings and have it all done by Thursday.

Well that didn't happen.

As it turns out, my kids conspired against me. Sean and Jess double whammied me within 30 minutes of picking each of them up from school. First, Sean announced that his science fair project is due this Friday. This is the same project about which I've asked at least twice in the past six weeks (yes, that's 6 weeks) and was told it's not due "for a long time." We had to run to Target to buy him a black outfit (dress shirt, pants, socks and dress shoes) for his handbells and chimes concert Thursday evening. Target didn't have the two things we needed for his project: magnets and a spring scale.

Then Jess informed me that we needed to run to her Dad's Monday evening to pick up her band shirt because she needed it for the concert Tuesday evening.

"Concert? What concert?!"

"I forgot to tell you. We have a concert Tuesday night."

"Great." This week was going downhill fast, and it was only Monday!

Wednesday Richard had his last track meet and they all had a half day of school. (Why they need a half day of school two days before leaving for a two week holiday is beyond me.) He's also assistant senior patrol leader for his boy scout troop and had to attend a planning meeting Thursday evening, right before Sean's concert.

We ended up with packed evenings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I had client work during the day and couldn't sneak out to get anything done till Thursday. I spent Thursday morning making three different kinds of breads: cranberry-orange, pumpkin-chocolate chip, and white chocolate-raspberry. I also made the final batch of truffles: dark chocolate-raspberry.  I went out over lunch and found a bunch of holiday boxes discounted and snagged about 20 of them. I also found a store that sold magnets for Sean's project, but they and everyone else were out of spring scales, so Sean borrowed one from his teachers. We were up till 11:30 doing his project. I'm not one of those parents that does my son's work for him. He had to do everything himself except type it up. He wrote the words and I typed it up for him just because he can't type yet.

I got up this morning and loaded eight gift boxes for Jess and Sean to take to school. Got home and filled another seven for Richard to take to school. When Richard got out of the car at school, I let out a huge sigh. Finally, time to breath!

I'm feeling the stress again just writing about this week!

With any luck, work the next two weeks will be slow and I can get caught up on my writing. (fingers, toes, arms and legs all crossed!)

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