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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A travel blog by my car (it wasn't happy with my destination)

When my owner decided to visit her sister in Pennsylvania, I thought I'd enjoy the miles on the open road. She took me to the dealer where I was well oiled, lubed and washed before the trip. She even bought me new wiper blades!

We left Tuesday morning at 6:20. I handled the roads and traffic as smoothly as I always do and we arrived seventeen hours later. The weather was cold, but I could handle the weather just as well as any of those northern cars. I noticed right away I was the only hybrid around, not that I was counting or anything.

Pulling into the  gravel driveway was when my dream of a relaxing vacation bit the dust. My owner parked me under a huge tree with a bunch of big leaves. This looked nothing like the friendly palm sitting beside my garage back home. I think the tree was diseased or something. All of its leaves were different colors. Not brown or green, like you'd expect, but instead yellow and red and orange. Whatever it had, I hope it isn't contagious to cars. I lost the count of the number of colored leaves that fell on me while I was parked there.

As if freaky colored leaves weren't enough to worry about, some animal kept prowling around me all night long. It was dark and because my owner was asleep in the house, I didn't have my headlights on and couldn't see it clearly. I just knew it had fur and didn't make a sound when it walked. At one point I felt it drop onto my hood. If I had a voice I would have screamed! It walked all over my clean hood and up my windshield. I could just feel the dirty little paw prints it left.

I had to sit there and endure diseased leaves and freaky little creatures for two whole days before my owner even remembered she brought me along. Finally she decided to use me. She drove her sister to some stores Friday morning. I didn't care where we went as long as it was paved and didn't have any animals crawling on vehicles. I had finally relaxed with the errands until she decided to drive me up a steep hill that was supposed to be a road. It was barely wider than a parking space and very poorly paved. Muddy shoulders covered in clumps of brown leaves followed the little path (I refuse to acknowledge it as a road) around a bend at the top of the hill. Then she drove me through a mud puddle into another gravel driveway. A MUD puddle! I couldn't believe it. I could feel dirty water dripping off my undercarriage and mucking up my wheels. And what is with all the gravel driveways?! Haven't these people ever heard of concrete?

When she parked me back under the diseased tree, I let out a sigh. Then I realized I was actually glad to be back under the tree. I knew at that point we had to leave for home soon or I was going to go mad. Luckily she heard me (or at least that's what I want to believe happened) because she loaded me up Saturday morning and we left for home.

I don't ever want to see another colored leaf, gravel driveway, mud puddle or untamed cat again in my life! What a nightmare!

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