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Monday, November 16, 2009

Tapas Night!

Last night I decided to have a fun dinner. I declared it international tapas night. The kids had no idea what  tapas were (rolls eyes). I decided to try some dishes that they knew, like potato skins and chicken quesadillas, but also wanted to expand their tastes. I included Shanghai dumplings, calzones, samosas, and egg custard tartlets.

The tartlets were the first things gone. All three kids loved the custard.

The dumplings tasted just like the dumplings I get in restaurants, which surprised me as I've never made a Chinese recipe that tasted like a restaurant dish. It was all the more surprising as I didn't use pork, but soy sausage (I'm a vegetarian.) They came out wonderfully and I served them with a plum sauce.

I tried to cheat with the calzones and used store-bought pizza dough. That didn't work out exactly as I had hoped. The pizza dough wouldn't roll out completely and ended up being a bit thick for the calzones. The calzones were filled with green pepper, mushroom, and soy sausage.

The samosas were probably my second favorite dish. The filling was comprised of simply potatoes and peas with some cumin, coriander, and salt. I had used a phyllo dough to make them. I think next time I'll use something like a pie dough. I thought the phyllo came out too puffy for the samosas.

I still have plenty of leftovers, so it looks like Monday night will be tapas night again!

LOL...I'm using the dictation software that I bought the other week. Every time I say 'tapas,' it types out 'topless.' I have three kids in the house, so don't get excited. I'm totally G. rated.

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