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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Male logic

I saved up my money this year to pay for bamboo flooring to be installed in my living room/dining room combo. I had been excited to get this done. Most of my house is in berber carpeting, which is okay, but I want to gradually install bamboo in most of the main rooms and halls. As I have a severe allergy to debt, I don't get anything installed that I can't pay for in full when I place the order. Simply put, it will take me a couple of years before I'm finished installing bamboo.

I had originally wanted to install the bamboo myself since it looked pretty easy to do. I mean, it's tongue and groove, how hard could it be? Alas, the company informed me that the 30 year warranty that came with the wood would be void unless it was installed by a certified installer. (don't you hate fine print?)

The installers came out on Monday and laid the sealer over the concrete flooring, and boy did that smell! Tuesday they returned and had both rooms completed by mid-afternoon.


The kids are at their dad's this week, but I pick up Sean and keep him after school since he's too young to stay at his dad's alone till his dad gets home. After I picked Sean up from school, we went to Home Depot and then Lowes looking at area rugs. Sean sat in the back seat thoroughly confused about what we were doing.

"Mom, I thought they put the bamboo down?"

"They did."

"Then why are we getting a rug?"

"Because I want some color in the room and I think a rug would look nice in the center of the room."

"But I thought you liked the bamboo flooring?"

"I do."

Sean was clearly exasperated at this point. "Okay. Mom. You rolled up the carpeting that was on the floor, had some guys come and install bamboo flooring and now you want to buy a rug to put on top of the bamboo?"

I glanced at his expression in the rear view mirror and came to the realization that male logic is even annoying when coming from the mouth of an 11 year old boy.

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