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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Epcot's food and wine festival

My sister and I spent the day at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival yesterday. I've never been to one, but thought it would be a fun girl's thing to do. We got a bit of a late start, as I had to drop my daughter off at SAT testing and then we had to drop off my sister's rental car at the airport. When we arrived at Epcot at 11:30, we were both ready to start eating...and drinking. Can't forget drinking.

The lines were fairly long at the first few kiosks, so we decided to sit down and eat lunch at a restaurant. Once we had some food in our bellies, we could spend the afternoon grazing and drinking. Neither one of us wanted to drink on an empty stomach.

We had lunch in France. The outside wall of the restaurant was all windows so we watched people walking back and forth with various plates of dishes and glasses of wine or beer. Several times I saw someone with a long champagne glass containing something deep red and bubbly. It looked really good! I told Lori that after lunch we needed to find out what that was and where to get some.

France didn't have it, so we walked around to the other countries. I also scanned the area for anyone with that drink. As luck would have it, I couldn't find the drink anywhere.

Finally, passing Italy, I spied two woman sitting on stone steps sipping the drink I was looking for. I walked up to them and Lori started laughing at me. They were both nice and told me it was called Rosa Regale and pointed at the door to our right and said they got it in there.


We waited in line and saw half of the people getting the Rosa Regale. There were also several people getting shots of Lemoncello in addition to the Rosa Regale. I'm not a big alcohol drinker, so I kept to a glass of the Rosa Regale. Lori decided to get one of each. I tasted the Lemoncello...and made a face that had my sister laughing. It had a nice lemon flavor with just a touch of sweetness, but it was a liqueur. I don't like liqueurs. It was like drinking syrup. My sister loved it though. She didn't chug it, like two of the woman ahead of us in line. She sipped it, savoring the flavor.

We left with our drinks and found a demonstration tent where we caught a pasta making demonstration as we drank our Rosa Regale, which was very good. They had given us a piece of dark chocolate to eat as we drank. I had scoffed at the thought of chocolate improving the taste, but I was very mistaken. The Rosa Regale was good without the chocolate. But when consumed with the chocolate...WOW! Absolutely wonderful.

We visited each of the countries in Epcot and all of the kiosks in between. We didn't get food and drink everywhere, as not everything sounded good to us, but we had fun with what we did buy. There also wasn't anything we bought that didn't taste good. We sampled some crema catalana from Spain, a plum and green tea cocktail from China, Grilled lamb chop with arugula salad from Australia (I think), salad with pita bread and baklava from Greece, mango yogurt cooler from India (I think) and a few others. The only downside for me was that most of the dishes contained some form of meat, which meant I mainly munched on the desserts.

We ended our visit with one last stop in Italy where we each bought a bottle of Rosa Regale and Lori also bought a bottle of Lemoncello.

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