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So, basically, my camera rarely sees the light of day and my mixer stands in the corner in permanent time-out.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cooking and singing

I got hungry for okra so I made a pot of gumbo tonight. The odd thing is, every time I make either jambalaya or gumbo, I always start singing: jambalaya...crawfish pieee....file gumbo...

You know the song? I have no idea who sings it. I don't think I've actually heard it played since I was a kid. Yet I cannot say either jambalaya or gumbo without that song popping into my head! Talk about frustrating. And, of course, I only know a few lines and they keep repeating over and over in my head as I'm cooking. Do you know how long it takes to cook gumbo and rice? About 30 minutes. Do you know many times you can repeat the same four lines in 30 minutes? Far too many for any sane person to want to hear.

Thankfully, the song ceases to repeat once I sit down to actually eat my dinner.

What can I say? I'm strange.

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