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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trying my hand at volunteering

I've decided that I need to get out of my house more often. The perks of working out of your house are many and most of them obvious. However, there are plenty of downsides as well. One of which is that you really don't meet many people unless it's over the phone or email.

I was originally interested in doing something with Habitat for Humanity. They have a Women's Builder program in which it's all women doing the work. The problem is they don't have any in my area. They also didn't have any special builds or anything coming up that I could help with.

I then started looking at maybe something with the state parks. However, that would mean being outside in FL during the summer months -- something I try to keep to a minimum unless air conditioning or water is involved.

Then I did a quick search (Google is my best friend) and found volunteer positions for docents at the Tampa Historical Museum (or something like that). The museum recently moved to a very large building on reclaimed land, and it's the first building in the area built "green," which I really liked. So I volunteered to give tours once or twice per month (during the weeks I don't have my kids). They only do volunteer 'training' twice per year, so I have to wait till the next one in September, but I think it will be fun.

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