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Monday, July 13, 2009

Rather busy lately

Been busy the past month and haven't blogged in weeks. I finally had a few hours to spend on writing yesterday and decided this morning to kick myself back into blogging.

My daughter, Jess, went to Drum Corps International Saturday night in Orlando. Yes, she's a band geek. We talked yesterday about it which led to several stories from school this past year. I must admit that my confidence in the future generation of this country definitely stands on shaky ground given some of the stories she tells me. And you'll notice below that my daughter is quite the smart-ass. Here are a few that stick out in my mind:

(in her AP World History class)
Student: "Mr. A. did you fight in WWII?"
Mr. A. (who is only in his mid-40's): "Do I look old enough to have fought in WWII?"
Jess: "Oh no. Mr. A. fought in the Civil War."
Student: "No way!"
Jess: "Yeah. He fought for the north."
Student: "That is so COOL!!"
Mr. A. looks from Jess to the student before shaking his head and walking away.

Jess and a friend were standing at their lockers when April approaches, flustered and holding a piece of paper.
April: "Guys. This one question says 'which European country has the ...(Jess didn't remember what it had, but it's irrelevant). Is it: Sweden, Egypt, Lebanon, or China?"
Jess: "how about the one that's in Europe?"

Jess and the band were on a bus heading to San Antonio for a tournament. A few hours north of Tampa, they see a river nearby.
Tyre: "Look! The Mississippi river!"
Jess: "Yeah, Tyre. The Mississippi river is in the middle of Florida."

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