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So, basically, my camera rarely sees the light of day and my mixer stands in the corner in permanent time-out.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

My partner is going to love me!

Work has been increasing the past month. We just found out that there's an August 14th deadline for petitioning for some of the stimulus package for telco. Of course, I'll be in Montreal Aug 5-10, which means Ali will be flying solo for that week.

(my evil laugh kicks in) Finally he'll be the one getting swamped with work when I'm on vacay instead of the other way around -- like it usually is.

I'm getting excited about the trip to Worldcon. I think it will be both fun and educational. I'm looking forward to meeting several of the author's attending. It'll also be neat to get an autographed book or two (I don't have any!).

I had almost forgotten about my passport. I re-took my maiden name after the divorce, so I had to get a new passport. It should be here sometime in the next 7-10 days. That's the last piece I need to be ready for the trip. And I'm making sure Ali knows I'm completely out of touch while I'm there (no helping remote like I usually do). God knows he does that to me.

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