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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The data won't stop processing!!!

I'm getting more requests for work from various clients all scrambling for the August 14th deadline. I also have my current client load -- I'm now behind in both. It's 9pm and the file I started processing at 5:30, stopped at 7 because it hadn't finished, then started again at 7 is still processing. I knew this was a possibility as the files are quite large for the analysis required (and it's only part of the state of Kansas). However, It's taking up so much processing time, I missed my critique group tonight (not a happy camper about that) and I also didn't finish the markets I told my other client I'd finish today.

Now it looks like I'll need to let this run overnight. I hate doing that because I can't be sure if it will finish or if the software simply hit a node and is stuck on one spot....the joys of geographic data analysis...NOT!

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