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So, basically, my camera rarely sees the light of day and my mixer stands in the corner in permanent time-out.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Up to date

Friday I was able to get everything for my main client off of my plate and on to their's. That's the first time this year! Normally we have a constant back and forth going so that both of us are always working on one market or another. See, one division from my client sends me data. I process and map that data and send to another division for review. They approve or make changes and send it back to me. If approved I go to the next stage for that market and the cycle continues. If there are changes, I make them and re-submit for approval. With hundreds of markets in the mix, there's always work to do on both sides, until now.

Now I have a Monday with no billable work to do!


Time to clean and organize my desk.

I typically just tend to pile papers on it instead of taking the time to file them when I'm done. Not sure why. In the rest of my house I'm always making a point to put things away when I'm finished with them. The kids know this trait and have mastered the eye roll and "I know, mom" comments when I even start to point out something not put away. However, I've never been able to carry that trait over into my office. Rather odd when you consider that my office is part of my house.

Filing, here I come!

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