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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Worldcon 2009

I'm heading to Worldcon this year!!!

Truth be told, I was just as excited about the location as I was about the event. Although I think I'll withhold that tidbit of information from any die-hard worldcon members I may meet. The conference is being held in Montreal this year, so I get to brush up on my french!

I have never been to a worldcon before. In fact, the only writing/literary conference I've ever attended was the Florida Writer's Conference last fall. At first, I thought this was purely a fan-based conference. The original website, which is quite sparse by today's standards I must say, didn't give much info. I gathered that it seems fairly large, predominantly fans attend, there are book signings and parties, as well as the Hugo awards.

I thought it would be neat to meet some authors and see what people are reading and saying about what they read. So, I joined (you have to be a member to attend the conference). I hadn't realized until then that the members are the ones that select the Hugo winner.

I'm now working my way through the nominated novels, as I hadn't read any of them yet. The first one I decided to work on was The Graveyard by Neil Gaiman. He's also the guest of honour at the conference this year.

The votes are due in July, but I don't think I can read every nominee in every category by then. I've decided to start with the novels and work my way down in categories and get done as many as I can.

I just visited the worldcon 2009 site again last week and noticed they've added quite a bit of info. Writing sessions are being offered now too. COOL! I really hadn't expected that based on the first website they had loaded. It looks like this will be even more interesting than I originally thought!

I also volunteered to work a few hours each day at the conference, but I haven't heard anything back on that.

I did get a really good deal on a hotel nearby though, cheaper rate than the ones on the conference website and it's only about a block and half away from the convention. I got it through hotel.com. Gotta love internet travel sites!

I can't wait! My first time at a huge conference, in a different country, where I don't know anyone! This is going to be FUN! (seriously -- I love this kind of stuff)

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Kevin Standlee said...

Worldcons are always like this. Because each one of them is a completely new event -- a different group holding it every year in a different city -- rather than the same ongoing convention building up in the same place annually -- it often takes a long time to get information out to people. It's not like you can expect to see the detailed five day schedule published months or years in advance. (Indeed, the details rarely emerge until a few days before the convention. Before there were web sites, people first learned what the convention schedule was by showing up at the event and reading the schedule handed to them there.)

Regular attendees already know what you're discovering: the relatively sparse information you get at the beginning is highly misleading. Although every Worldcon is different, you could have a look at the programming of past Worldcon web sites (linked from the worldcon.org web page) to get an idea of how much more fully-fleshed the event becomes closer to the day.

Kevin Standlee
Worldcon attendee every year since 1989