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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is the deal?

My partner, Ali, and I have this running joke about vacations. Everytime he takes one, I get swamped with work. Whether we're completely dead or casually busy leading up to his week off is irrelevant. The week that he's gone, I always get slammed with work. He'll tell people ahead of time he's out and try and get them to send anything pending in before he leaves, but nothing.

This week? Yep. He's at the outer banks, his usual vacation spot.

Monday was a holiday, so luckily nothing jumped in then. Tuesday, however, I get two emails forwarded from clients who tried to reach him first. The third request came in as a rush job late yesterday afternoon and I had to miss my critique session last night because of it.

The other one is just getting finalized now, and they want to expand it -- all due today.

Oh, and then there's my own client project that I'm also working on.

On the bright side (because I'm always looking on the bright side of things), I'm not as slammed with work as I usually get the weeks he's out.

Of course, the week's not over yet.

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