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Friday, May 1, 2009

Waiting for payment

My largest client is about 7 months behind in payment....in a major recession....and we're a very small (2-man) operation....with an equally small client base.....


The wait wasn't too bad until recently. The good news is that it took only 6 months to get through their red-tape of getting a budget approved (had to wait for the new year and then get the quote in their preferred format), getting a PO number issued (why it takes 4 weeks to assign a number to something already approved is beyond me), and lastly submitting an invoice (which was sent 4 weeks ago).

I had already signed up my company to participate in their direct deposit program, whereby they pay an invoice via direct deposit instead of waiting on checks in the mail. And with net 30 terms, I've been logging in to Bank of America daily to see if my balance has miraculously expanded!!

Did I mention I'm still waiting?

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