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Sunday, May 3, 2009

swine flu at school...

Sean, my youngest son, had a friend spend the day/night on Saturday. In the morning we made frozen banana pops and in the afternoon tye-died t-shirts. Of course, the plastic gloves that came with the dyes had holes in the pair I got. (FYI, the dye stains skin and nails just as well as clothing. My right index finger is still tinted bluish-purple, as if it's suffereing from asphixiation.)

In between food and crafts we took two trips to the neighborhood tennis court so I could chase balls the boys couldn't keep in the court...I mean play tennis with them.

Ha! This mom's no fool, though. After the first 30 minutes, I told them if they hit the ball out of the court, they have to go get it! Okay...so it took me 30 minutes to figure that out. I decided it was for the best as I got in some good exercise.

By evening my plans for wearing them out had worked. I was in bed at 9 with a headache, blue/purple/yellow fingers and aching legs. The boys put themselves to bed at 10.

Sunday afternoon Jess came flying out of her room with news about her high school.
"Mom! Freedom's closed all week because of swine flu!"
"Yeah, right."
"I'm serious! It's all over facebook!"
I roll my eyes. "Facebook isn't CNN."
"There's supposed to be a press conference at 2."
It was 1:45 at the time. "Okay, we'll see then."

Sure enough, there were two potential swine flu cases involving students in our area. One went to her high school and the other to a middle school. They closed down her high school, the adjacent middle school (the two share a cafeteria) and the middle school of the second student infected. All of them are closed for a week!

I wasn't worried about it, though. Jess was really relieved as she had her AP World History exam this week. It's now post-poned till the end of May. Her brothers, both in elementary school, yelled foul that Jess got a whole week off school while they didn't. This was this morning as I dropped them off.Two hours ago the school nurse called. Sean was in her office with a fever and a headache. He was the fourth student that morning with the same symptoms. I told Jess and she replied "He's got swine flu! Keep him away from me!" She was just joking, but that was the first thing I thought as well.

The joys of life...

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