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So, basically, my camera rarely sees the light of day and my mixer stands in the corner in permanent time-out.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Powerball luck?

My sister called me from PA this evening. "Powerball's up to $200,000,000."

"Cool! Did you win?"

"No, but Kaylee found a four leaf clover today." Kaylee is my 8 years old niece.

I laughed. "Buy a ticket and let her pick the numbers!"

She laughed as well. "That's what I'm doing now. They come with a sheet of 5 sections: A-E."

I told her to let Kaylee pick numbers for me too. So my sister gave me section C. Kaylee said she wanted half the money if she wins. My sister told her she'd give her $100 to spend on webkins. Kaylee squeeled in delight.

So, hopefully, with a lot more luck than I've ever had, I may have enough money tomorrow to afford to write full-time!

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