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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New dish attempt

I made steamed cauliflower with a mustard dill sauce as a side dish last night. It came from one of the two new vegan cookbooks I bought the other week. The sauce was pretty good. I think I'll tweak a few of the ingredients next time, but definately a keeper.

Tonight I decided to try the Arabian Squash Casserole. I love butternut squash, but rarely do anything except roast it and serve mashed with either some butter or brown sugar and cinnimon. This reciple called for mashed squash, sauteed onion and green peppers, and sour cream and feta cheese.

I was hesitant about the green peppers and onions, as they aren't something I would pair with butternut squash, but I decided to be adventurous and give it whirl.

It was okay, but I think it would be much better without the green peppers and onions. Jess, however, liked it with them included. Neither one of the boys liked it, but they aren't big fans of squash either.

Our rule is they must have one helping of everything on the table. Only then can they go back and get seconds of whatever they do like. It's amazing how small those spoonfuls get on experimental dishes or dishes that they don't like.

This weekend I'm toying with trying a mezza. I've never had one, let alone made one. It should be fun!

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