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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Misleading statements

Remember that previously published author I mentioned critiquing two days ago? Well, I only got a few pages into the submission when I stopped. There was no way this writing could have been published. Just way too many beginner mistakes.

So, being me, I went and did some research. His book is on amazon, but it's through iUniverse - so he self-published. 

Now, I have no issues with self-publishing. However, I think it's misleading to state that you're published or have been published without explaining that it was self-publishing. 


While I tend to rant about the degradation in quality writing getting published these days, there is a minimum level of quality that has, at least for the moment, been maintained. This level of quality tends to be non-existent in most (although not all) self-published pieces. 

I have read some self-published work, and, like people, the quality varies. But when you say "I'm published" there is a certain level of expectation on the quality of writing you are getting. In my opinion, self-publishing hasn't proven out that level of quality yet. Whether it should do so is a seperate question. As long as people understand that it's self-publishing, I think the expectation changes accordingly. 

I finished my critique and submitted it yesterday morning. It ended up being about 6 pages, including excertps that I was commenting on. Hopefully he won't be offended by the volume of edits, after all he specifically stated he wanted to make this the best possible. 

We'll see....

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