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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Feedback on long critique

The author for whom I submitted that really long, 2,000+ word critique sent me an email yesterday...to thank me for the "great critique."


I was honestly a bit nervous that the author would be offended by the length. He appreciated the time and effort put into it and seemed to like some of the suggestions! YEAH!!

I feel SO much better now.

I'm actually critiquing a second piece due tomorrow for critters. This one I feel even more hesitant about as it's by a previously published author. Yet, I still find myself stopping and editing text as I go because things keep jumping out at me. I guess like all unpublished authors, I have this podium on which I sit everyone already published. As with all podiums, it's difficult to actually see the person and work when it's place so high above you. It's nice to pull it off and see that (surprise!), their draft novel is just a draft, like yours or anyone else's.

I guess that's a good thing. It shows that there are really no great writers...just great re-writers! (I forget who actually said that, or I'd give them the credit for it).

I've decided I'm going to keep critiquing like I always do...or until someone tells me to stop. ;)

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