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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Depressing post today

Friday after school Sean, my youngest, couldn't wait to give me my mother's day gift. He cut the word "mom" out of construction paper, with the letters connected, to make a type of envelope, tied with string to keep it closed.  Inside was a letter and 3 coupons. The letter was sweet and thanked me for lots of things and said I was the best mom in the world. The coupons were blank. He explained that anytime I get tired of doing something, I right it in the coupon and hand it to him and he'll do it for me. 

These are my absolute favorite type of mother's day gifts. 

Then, this morning, he made me a cup of hot tea. Later in the morning, Sean made me a large poster. When I took Jess to get our hair cut, Sean decorated my bedroom with ribbons and the poster, which covered the width of the french doors leading to my bathroom. My bedroom door had taped to it a large, paper square with a bunch of hearts cut out of it. I loved it!

That turned out to be the high point of my day.

My oldest son, Richard (known as the sentimental one of the three kids), wrote me a very short note, in pencil, on notebook paper for mother's day today. It said "Thank you for all you have done and all you will do." He included a heart and the requisite "I Love you." Then he gave me a fake, purple rose. I was honestly happy. Okay, so he didn't think ahead to buy a card, but hand-made cards are still preferred.  I thought he had made the flower at school, but he told me a few hours later that someone had given the roses out at boyscouts a few months ago.

Jess never said happy mother's day at all today. She didn't forget, but pointedly didn't say anything. She doesn't like going to her dad's and today was a 'swap' day. She didn't give me a card or note either. 

I was ready for them to have forgotten mother's day. What hurt, though, was that the two oldest remembered and still didn't make any effort at all to do anything for me today. I thought that maybe they'd make me lunch or want to do something with me later on....but nothing.  I didn't say anything about it till I was almost to their father's house. Then I told them I was disappointed and why. I helped Sean take his birds into his father's house. Jess and Richard went past but didn't say anything. 

I got back in my car to leave and Sean came running out of the house in tears. He gave me a hug and said he was sorry about today. I told him I wasn't talking to him when I said I was disappointed. I told him I loved the poster and the hot tea he made for me. I explained it was the other two that hurt. He wiped his eyes and then went back inside his dad's house.

Jess sent me a text message while I was driving home. It said something to the effect that if she has to go to her dad's, she's not celebrating mother's day. She also said it wasn't a 'real' holiday, rather something hallmark made up to get more money....(shakes head).....I really want her to have a good relationship with her father, but she refuses to make any effort at all.

I guess I have even more bad mother's days to get through before she finally matures enough to understand.

(sigh) good thing I'm a very patient person

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