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Friday, May 15, 2009

Client finally paid!

That client I blogged about last week, finally paid. I checked yestesrday and my company's bank account was sitting back rubbing a rather full belly. Whew. Now, I have three more clients with past due balances as well.

Quickbooks decided to complicate my ability to track receivables last year. I had been using it for five years with nary a problem. Not sure what happened, last year, but the demons of software took possession and wreaked havoc throughout. Negative balances when there was cash in the bank, payroll checks issued but not appearing in reports or liabilities, etc. My accountant was a huge help with his comment "yeah, I hate quickbooks."


After about five months of being unable to fix it, I decided to just create a new company file effective Jan 09. Of course, I just did this yesterday. I spent the day inputting all past due invoices so that I can receive against them, along with all my client information, employee information, linked bank accounts, etc.

I have almost everything up and ready to go now. (wipes brow)

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