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Sunday, April 26, 2009

On-line posting

I just don't know how people continue to keep up with blogs. I guess working on the computer all day long means when I have spare time, the computer is the last place I usually want to be!

I just set up facebook and myspace pages. Facebook seems more secure and I seem to know more people on facebook. The overall community seems much more mature as well.

Myspace...well...the majority of people there appear to be young...too young. I realize that's a generalization. I'm notorious for broad sweeping statements although I'm well aware there are always exceptions. However, the many of the posts I've read on myspace leave me cringing. They sound even younger than my teenage daughter!

Regardless of the community on myspace, I do like their interface and options much better. I like that you can customize your pages with various themes. I also like the apps you can add. I really liked the iread app where you can select which books you've read, want to read or are currently reading. (Okay, so I'm a book geek.) Regardless, I haven't seen that type of robust customization yet on facebook. I think if they really want to gain more market share, they need to offer more options. 

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