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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Starting a new year

I'm now in my house and everything is pretty much unpacked. I love, love, love having my own place. I really hadn't thought I'd feel that way, considering this is the third house I've owned.

The difference this time?

I'm finalizing a divorce.

They say that moving and divorce are among the most stressful events in a person's life. Being the sadist I am, I decided to do both simultaneously...and do it over the holidays.

I survived it all while maintaining most of my sanity -- can't vouch for all of it yet.

I'm really excited about this weekend. I'm driving up to DC to attend the inauguration! No, I'm not important enough to have tickets to the event itself or any of the balls and parties going on, but that's okay. I'm completely jazzed just to be there and soak up the vibes. I think it's going to be a wonderful experience.

I'm taking my 15 year old daughter. You know, the one who knows everything and is always right. I tried to prepare her for the crowds. She cut me off explaining that she's been in crowds before. She's spent 12 of her 15 years living outside Tampa -- not what I consider to be a major city. Not to mention that she's never been to downtown Tampa.

I calmly explain that, in fact, she has never been in major crowd before. She begins to argue but I cut her off this time (I don't get the chance to do that very often as she gets older). I tell her to find a picture of Time Square on New Year's Eve.


"Because that's what the crowds will be like during the inauguration!"

The other shock factor she'll have is the weather. She's been skiing twice, but barring rare visits to family in PA, she's doesn't remember living in cold weather. Her footwear consists of flip-flops unless she's rollerblading or exercising, which doesn't happen very often.

This is going to be fun!

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