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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Showing emotion through action

I'm always on the look out for useful links/info to help with writing. I stumbled across something the other day called The Emotional Thesaurus. It's a list of emotions and suggestions on how to show those emotions through physical action. I've clicked through a few of them to see what's there. A number of them I use already, but they had some that I hadn't even considered. I have this link saved in my favorites so that I can review it when I need to.

I think all writer's get comfortable with certain actions that represent specific feelings. The problem is when we're too comfortable, we find ourselves with characters who shrug non-stop or have constantly flickering eyebrows. This compilation of actions will help us vary our actions and widen our thoughts on actions and emotions. Perhaps coming up with more on our own, which is always good!

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