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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Balancing Perspective

I participate in a novel pod that meets once/month and an open critique group that meets twice/month. The one pod member commented the other day that she struggles with being in my protagonists head too much. I had been feeling the same, but hadn't changed it as no one up till now has mentioned it.

I'm writing in third person, limited view (or whatever the technical name is supposed to be) and find that I struggle with balancing the narrator's voice/view with those of the character. Often times I find myself slipping too far into the character's head as I write.

I've since started to pull back, particularly as I describe setting, but I seem to get stuck in this yo-yo effect. I start out as just narrator, then gradually find myself drifting into the character's head, which is good to do...to a point. Then I realize I'm in too far and start to back out again, hence the vicious cycle I'm creating for myself.

I'm sure that this, like most things, is simply a matter of practice, practice, and a bit more practice. Does anyone else have this problem?

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