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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My first blog

In my struggle to complete my first novel, I thought creating a blog and website would help keep me focused and motivated. It may also introduce me to other 'hope-to-be-published' writers. I know there are far more of us out there than there are published ones!

A bit of background on me. I have always been drawn to writing. Poetry was my first love. My favorite genres are fantasy, thrillers and mysteries. I prefer epic fantasy to urban, although the latter, I feel, is probably more popular.

I'm taking a stab at writing a fantasy novel now. It's my first serious effort at writing and, of course, I couldn't choose a stand-alone novel. Nope. I had to start with writing a 4-part fantasy series. Ah well. I'm having a blast creating the world and characters. Although I must admit that some characters are much easier than others.

It's interesting when authors make comments about how some characters fight them during a scene until the author gives in and the scene turns out better because they listened to the characters. I never really understood what they were saying until I sat down and actually applied myself to the craft. I have two characters that I simply love to write because they are so much fun. They really have their own personality and don't like it when I try to make them say or do something 'out of character.'

Then there are the other characters that I am struggling to portray on paper. I know in my mind what they are like, but they come across as vague and uninteresting. This is a result of my constantly improving writing technique and not because they are boring. Does this happen with minor characters? No. It happens my two main characters. .

But I'm not getting frustrated or giving up. This is all part of the learning process. Learning by mistakes is my favorite method -- really it is. I've made some doozies, so my writing skills are progressing in leaps and bounds accordingly!

Okay, maybe not quite leaps and bounds, but there's definitely progress. In fact, I can look back at my beginning chapters, or even ones I wrote 3 months ago, and I almost cringe when I read them. It's embarrassing and encouraging at the same time.

I REALLY love to write!

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