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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy weekend

Well, I'm somewhat following the advice in the article about making time to write. I posted a link to this in the Writing Links section I made yesterday. The author advocates committing yourself to writing 3 pages per day, with the flexibility to take weekends 'off.' I definitely have the 'weekends off' part down pat.

I spent the day yesterday, and will spend most of today, working in the garden. There's a lot of weeding that needs to be done, mulching, putting in edging around the new garden I made, fixing the pump on my koi pond, etc. Suffice to say, no time to write this weekend.

However, I intend to take his advice beginning tomorrow and write 3 pages each week day. The trap I fall into is that I write 3 pages one day. The next day I come back, read what I wrote the day before, make several changes to that text, then write a bit more. The third day I go back and read those pages, make edits, maybe more than I did the day before, and end up not adding any new pages. I get stuck in the concept of: how much is too much editing on the first draft?

That rut had me locked in for several months, but I think I finally broke free. Now, I write a chapter and edit that chapter as I go. Once I finish the chapter, I don't go back to it. I keep going. I only allow myself to edit until I have a whole chapter written. At that point, it's off the table for edits. Once I have the entire manuscript finished, then I'll go back to the beginning and work on editing.

I'm feeling pretty good about this new process. it allows me to edit what I write as I go, but still allows me to see progress, by forcing me to continue instead of hover over a chapter too long. I think everyone needs to find what works for them. And as we're all different, what works for one won't for another.

I'll let you know next week how the '3 pages per day' process goes for me. It sounds very reasonable, so I'm looking forward to it.

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